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On Shopping Total you will find the perfect place to shop in Switzerland. Whether you are looking for a small and quiet shopping opportunity or a vibrant shopping center, here on Shopping Total you are sure to find what you are looking for. You will find products, stores, malls and online stores from Switzerland and Liechtenstein here on Search and find your favorite shopping opportunity in your locality, in your canton or in the area where you are right now. Whether you are looking for a DIY store, grocery store, department store, furniture store, consumer electronics or fashion & accessories, you can discover all this and much more here. Start your adventure with us now and find new favorite places to shop in Switzerland. Have fun, your Shopping Total Team.

Regional shopping in local stores

Support the local businesses in your area

Local businesses need the support of their customers to thrive. Our Regional Shopping Initiative helps communities promote shopping local. By shopping local, customers help create a vibrant and thriving economy that benefits everyone in the region. It also allows customers to support their favorite stores while getting value for their money.

Other advantages of shopping regionally are that transport distances are shortened, which reduces the environmental impact of transport. In addition, you often get better quality products because they come directly from the region. Finally, shopping locally can help support the local economy and create jobs in the region. Shopping locally also helps build relationships with local businesses and creates a sense of community.

Popular online stores

Not all people can enjoy a day at the mall or shopping center. Quite a few of us prefer Swiss online stores for shopping daily necessities, electronics or luxury goods. Here on Shoppingtotal we present you the most popular online stores in Switzerland, browse through our list of online stores by categories here or start a search for Swiss online stores using the navigation.

Our blog about shopping in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

In our blog you will find exciting, interesting and insightful articles about shopping in Switzerland. We cover various topics related to shopping in Switzerland. You will learn where the best shopping centers are located and which stores have a special assortment. We also introduce you to new trends and give you tips on how to save money. Check our blog regularly and don’t miss any important information about shopping in Switzerland!

Popular shopping malls / shopping centers

Switzerland is a real shopping paradise not only for tourists but also for locals. Numerous large shopping malls promise to offer you the best shopping experience. Here in this list you will find some popular shopping centers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Maybe you will find your own new shopping paradise right here?

Popular Swiss store chains

Here on Shoppingtotal you can find a list of popular chain stores from Switzerland. If you want to shop in established and well-known stores, you will surely find the right store here. On the other hand, if you are looking for a small, charming and unique store, you better use our search.